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Enigma Reunion 2009
5-6 September 2009

On 5 and 6 September 2009, the annual Enigma Reunion was held at Bletchley Park in the UK. Although the reunion is primarily aimed at BP Veterans, such as former code-breakers, WRENS, Y-Station Operators, etc., the museum often attracts many extra visitors during the reunion weekend. It is always great to talk with eye-witnesses and hear their fascinating stories first hand.
This year was special, as it was the 70th anniversary of the arrival of top codebreakers Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman at Bletchley Park on 4 September 1939. To commemorate the anniversary, the largest-ever exhibition of Enigma and other cipher machines was held during the reunion weekend of 5 and 6 September 2009.

Historians, government organisations, museums, private collectors and companies from all over the world, brought their extremely rare machines to Bletchley Park, to show them to the public. Some machines were disclosed for the very first time.
Various activities and re-enactments on the grass in front of the mansion

The exhibition was organised by The Bletchley Park trust and was sponsored by the British intelligence service GCHQ, who also brought a number of unique and rare cipher machines.
Crypto Museum was also present at the event with an extremely rare recently re-discovered Zählwerk Enigma machine from 1928, and a sophisticated 10-wheel Russian Fialka M-125 cipher machine.

The weather was good and thousands of visitors found their way to Bletchley Park that weekend. The exhibition was a great success and our Zählwerk Enigma even won the price for the best Enigma on display. On Sunday morning the BP veterans visited the exhibition and for some of them it was the first time they could actually touch an Enigma machine and see it in action.
BP veterans seeing an Enigma machine in action

The image above shows the exhibition tent during the veteran visit on Sunday morning. At the front right, Crypto Museum curator Paul Reuvers demonstrates the Zählwerk Enigma to a BP veteran and her son. More photographs below. We also have an overview of exhibitors.
Various activities and re-enactments on the grass in front of the mansion The entrance of the exhibition tent Inside the exhibition tent Inside the exhibition tent A nice row of Enigma machines. Check the rare G-111 (2nd from the front). The Russian Fialka M-125 attracted a lot of attention. A nice array of Enigma machines... The exhibitors who contributed to the successful show.
Our good friends Heinz Blümberg, Klaus Kopacz and Tom Perera, inspecing an Enigma machine A delegation of former East-German interceptors (NVA) working with the Russian Fialka machine  David White of Hut 1 showing some of his rare cipher machines  B-Block is now the home of a permanent exhibition of cipher machines  The Cottage at BP, where Turing broke the German Naval codes during WWII  BP veterans visiting the Mansion  The newly renovated Hut 8 with a great new exhibition Some of the exhibits inside Hut 8

Who were there?
Numerous Enigmas and other cipher machines were brought in for the event by collectors and organisations from all over the world. At the end of the reunion, on Sunday evening, pictures were taken of most of the exhibitors standing behind one of the finest collections of Enigma machines.

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Click the image above for an enlargement and browse over the heads of each of the exhibitors to reveal their names. Alternatively, browse the Enigma machines at the front to reveal their model number and click on them for further information.
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