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The Enigma-E was designed as a fund raising project for some very interesting museums. Currently the Enigma-E is only available in the UK and The Netherlands but other countries may follow. Both addresses below do ship worldwide so ordering one shouldn't be a problem. When in doubt, please contact us, but note that we do not supply any Enigma-E kits directly. The Enigma-E and UhrBox-E kits are available from the following suppliers:

United Kingdom   The Bletchley Park Shop
Bletchley Park is the place where the Enigma codes were broken during WWII. It's now a museum dedicated to the Enigma, and some other very interesting subjects. The Enigma-E is available from the BP Shop, both at the museum and from the website. The price is GBP 119.99 + P&P. Accepted payment methods are VISA and MasterCard.

The Netherlands   Museum Jan Corver
The Dutch Ham Radio Musem, Museum Jan Corver is a small but very interesting museum, located in the south of The Netherlands, dedicated to the history of radio amateurism in that country. They have a large collection of communication devices ranging from WWII to the present day. The museum will also be present at most major ham radio events in The Netherlands, and the Enigma-E will be available for sale on the stand. Items can be shipped world-wide.

The price for an Enigma-E kit is EUR 150 + P&P. Accepted payment methods are Cash, IBAN and PayPal (a surcharge applies for payments through PayPal). The UhrBox-E is available for EUR 70. Click the link below to contact the museum curator Cor Moerman directly.

Other countries
If you live in a country that is not listed here, please contact either Museum Jan Corver or Bletchley Park as they both ship worldwide.
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