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This page contains some of our preview news clippings. Please note that the information below has been written some time ago and my have lost its relevance by now. The information is retained here for historical reasons only.

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HC-9 Simulator for Windows
7 December 2012

Our Russian friend Vyacheslav Chernov (Чернов) has just released a fully functional graphical simulator of a Transvertex HC-9 cipher machine.

The program implements all settings and movements, and contains an editor for the alphabet ruler and the punched cards. It is written for Windows TM can can be downloaded as a RAR-file from our HC-9 page.

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Russian Arctic Convoy Museum
6 December 2012

When we think about the Atlantic War and the Battle of the Atlantic, the first things that come to mind are the supply convoys from the United States to Great Britain, and the enormous losses of ships, men and cargo, caused by German U-Boats organized in the so-called Wolfpacks.
It is often forgotten however, that this was not the only route for supply of military equipment. The Russians, who had to fight the Germans in the east, received about a quarter of their (military) supplies via the Artic Convoy route.

The Artic Convoy Route ran from ports in the west of Scotland, via the Baltic Sea, to Russian cities such as Molotovsk and Stalingrad. Being heavily attacked by German U-Boats, more than 3000 British men lost their lives in this stride.

As it is important that this legacy is not forgotten, an initiative for a new museum was launched in 2011. In May 2012, a special WWII week was held, in order to bring the initiative to the public's attention. During that week, Enigma historian Dr. Mark Baldwin held several lectures on Enigma, complete with live demonstrations.

Several funds have been raised so far, and the organizers hope to be able to open up a real museum at Loch Ewe in the next couple of years. If you want to know more, follow the link below and read the personal stories from the men that survived, or sign up for their newsletter.

 The Russian Arctic Convoy Museum Project
M-209 Crypto Challenge
2 December 2012

French crypto collector Jean-François Bouchaudy has just published a a Crypto Challenge on his website. It involves the Hagelin C-446, but is also applicable to the famous wartime M-209. The challenge consists of 12 problems, one of which will be published each day in December.
To take part in the challenge, you need to register free of charge. Furthermore, you need to have access to a C-446 Simulator or a real C-446 or M-209 machine. A free C-446 Simulator is available on Jean-François' website. A realistic M-209 Simulator can be downloaded here.

A good description of the cryptanalysis of the Hagelin C-446 and the M-209 (in Dutch) can be downloaded here.

 Challenge M-209
Typical M-209 setup

Parts of Scryption collection for sale
28 October 2012

Last year we had to announce that Scryption, the museum for written communication, was forced to close its doors after financial cuts of the Tilburg city council. The staff was dismissed and the collection was returned to the original owners (Fraters van Tilburg), where it was put in storage.
As the original owners have neither the man-power nor the knowledge to handle the objects properly, the collection has now been carried over to Stichting Onterfd Goed, a non-profit organization that will dismantle the collection in the best possible way with help from the public.

The former Scryption collection is now fully registered in a brand new online database that can be accessed by the public. A nice selection of objects will remain available for future projects, and some parts will be sold to other museums, as sub-collections whenever possible.

The majority of objects will have to go however, and is now available for sale. Stichting Onterfd Goed has set up a nice shop in the former food factory of De Gruyter in 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) where you can watch and buy these beautiful historical masterpieces every day between 10:00 and 17:00. In the shop is and excellent collection of typwriters, computers, pens, dictation machines, printing machines and much much more, waiting for new foster parent.

If you buy an item from the former Scryption collection, you officially adopt the object and will be responsible for its future. The revenue from selling these objects will be used to maintain the remaining basic collection and support future projects. Stichting Onterfd Goed expects to need one full year for dismantling the Scryption collection, after which the shop will be closed again. So, don't waste your time and help saving the future of these historical objects. Now.

 Website Stichting Onterfd Goed
 Direct access to the Scryption collection database
 YouTube interview with Stichting Onterfd Goed (Dutch)
 Museum Scryption on Wikipedia
Message from Dönitz
21 October 2012

Michael Hörnberg (Germany) has just informed us that he has managed to decode an Enigma M4 message of historical importance. The message was sent by U-boat Admiral Döntiz on 1 May 1945, announcing his appointment as Hitler's successor, just a day after Hitler's suicide.
The message was recovered from a message sheet that was found in German submarine U-534 when it was brought to the surface in 1993.

In July 2012, Michael lauched a massive code breaking operation using distributed computing power. The current message was broken again on 20 October 2012.

 Read the full text
 More about U-534

Dutch Signals Museum to reopen
16 October 2012

In June 2009, the Dutch Signals Museum (Museum Verbindingsdienst) was forced to close its doors, after the army base on which is was located, had been given up by the department of defence. For a long time, the future of the museum was uncertain due to cost savings.
Last month however, the museum was able to announce the good news that a new building has been assigned to them. Although Building C at the military base in Amersfoort is smaller than the previous location, it is believed that it will allow them to show in the history of the Dutch Signals Corps in a contemporary manner.

Building C in Amersfoort will be available from 1 January 2013, but it will take the volunteers several months to setup a new exhibition. A new opening date has not yet been announced, but we will keep an keen eye on their website.

Crypto Museum would like to congratulate the volunteers of Museum Verbindingsdienst with their new location. We hope to continue the good relationship with the museum from the point where we left off in 2009. The image above shows the museum's 3-wheel Enigma machine.

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Enigma M4 messages broken
10 August 2012

Great news from Michael Hörenberg in Germany: after 70 years he has managed to break some Enigma messages from German U-Boot U-534. The first break was done on 31 July 2012, using distributed computing with no less than 112 CPU cores! After discovering the daily key for 1 May 1945, the first message was broken with a ciphertext only attack. CONGRATULATIONS!
So far, he has already broken 12 messages, which can be found on his website, including scans of the original German message sheets that were recovered from the U-534. The messages were all encrypted on the Enigma M4.

Michael is currently looking for people with in-depth knownledge of the German U-Boats and the specific German Navy language.

 Breaking German Navy Ciphers
 About the Naval Enigma M4
Authentic Naval Enigma M4 message. Copyright Michael Hörenberg 2012.

Enigma H-221 rediscovered
8 August 2012

On 1 August 2012, Crypto Museum was invited at the Museum for Military History in Budapest (Hungary) where we rediscovered an extremely rare Enigma-variant: a printing Enigma Model H29 with serial number H-221.

The machine had been on public display in the past, but has since been locked away in the Hungarian archives. Until now that is...

 Full review
View of the controls of the Enigma H29 with serial number H-221

New Enigma-E kits for Bletchley
15 June 2012

We are pleased to announce that, after a long delay, the Enigma-E kit is available again. A batch of brand new kits has been delivered to both outlets earlier this months and you should be able to order them without further delay now.

Also available again is the UhrBox-E kit and a limit number of wooden boxes.

 Where to by the Enigma-E
 Order an Enigma-E from BP
 Full description of the Enigma-E kit

Telsy does it again!
2 May 2012

Two months ago we received three crypto devices as a generous gift from the Italian manufacturer Telsy. Last week the Turin-based company donated another two devices: a TDS-2004 (1981) and a modern Cryptophone 7000 (1990). Both are now on the website.

We should like to thank Telsy once more for their continuing support of Crypto Museum.

 About Telsy
Telsy TDS-2004

Breaking news: FS-5000 DSU uncovered!
18 April 2012

The FS-5000 (codename HARPOON) was the last spy radio system used by the stay-behind networks in Europe, commonly known as Gladio. It was used by NATO countries as well as non-NATO countries (e.g. Switzerland). The set was introduced around 1990, right before most countries were force to shut-down their 'Gladio' operation in 1991 and 1992.
In 2005 a small number of FS-5000 sets appeared on the surplus market. Unfortunately however, the so-called Digital Storage Unit (DSU) was missing. The DSU controls the other modules and contains a high-end cryptographic module, which is probably the main reason why they were destroyed at the time.

We are pleased to announce the fact that we now have a complete and functional FS-5000 spy set with the DSU. Take a look inside.

 More information
The DSU of the FS-5000 (SR 5000M)

Two Dutch teams in codebreakers finals
12 April 2012

In December of last year, the Polish province of Wielkopolska lauched a codebreaking challenge at the special website CODEBREAKERS.EU (see Break de Code, below). The event is organised by the Marshal Office of Wielkopolska and 128 teams from 23 countries have entered the contest.
We are pleased to announce that two Dutch teams have made it to the finals. They are invited to come to Poznan (Poland) next week and take it up against a team of Polish students.

One of the Dutch teams is a group of geocaching enthusiasts working at ASML in Veldhoven (NL). As Veldhoven is not too far from Eindhoven, the Dutch ASML-team visited Crypto Museum today. From left to right are John, Rien and Jan-Gerard sitting around a war-time German Army Enigma machine. The Enigma and its history played an important part during the crypto challenge.

Next week, John Besselink, Rien Bijl and Jan-Gerard van der Toorn will be the guest of the Marshal of Wielkopolska (President of the Region), mr. Marek Wozniak, and the head of The Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression, Minister Jan S. Ciechanowski. They will defend the honour of Noord Brabant, the Dutch provice that is twinned with Wielkopolska.
The other Dutch team is from the south-west part of the country and is shown in the image on the right (click for a closer look). They too are hard-core geocachers. The team consists of Gerrit van Woerkom (left), Hans Nelisse (top right) and Arjen Beenhakker (bottom right). They are from Oudemolen (NB), Dinteloord (NB) and Woudbrugge (ZH).

The final rounds of the game will take up two days and hopefully there will be some time left to do site-seeing in the Poznan area. There must be many interesting historical sites to visit there.

Crypto Museum wishes all teams the best of luck. Fingers crossed for the Dutch teams, of course. You may follow the progress on Facebook: www.facebook.com/codebreakerseu

New Telsy Equipment
4 March 2012

Last week we received three historical TELSY crypto devices as a gift from the manufacturer in Turin (Italy). The devices are now described in detail on this website. We wish to thank Telsy for their generous contribution.

 About Telsy
Using the acoustic coupler

Masterclass Turing
26 February 2012

Because of the importance of his work as a codebreaker, computer pioneer and openly gay man, 2012 has been proclaimed The Alan Turing Year. To celebrate the 100th birthday of this remarkable person, numerous events will be organized all over the world.
On Monday 16 April 2012, the Radboud University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) has organized a Masterclass Turing for pre-acedemic students. Crypto Museum will be present at this event with a range of historical Enigma machines.

Crypto Museum staff will be available on-site for hands-on demonstrations and a 1-hour talk about Enigma and code-breaking during WWII.

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