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This is the official website of the Enigma-E DIY Building Kit. These pages contain information about a real Enigma machine that you can build yourself. If you're wondering what it's all about, please read on. If you already own an Enigma-E but haven't registered it yet, please register it now. If you have any questions when building the kit, you might want to try our FAQ or the special support page. We also keep a list of known bugs and possible workarounds. If you are a regular visitor, you may want to read the latest news about the Enigma-E.
The Enigma-E is a small electronic replica of a real war-time Enigma machine. It is fully compatible with the 3 and 4-wheel machines used by the German Army during WWII.

The Enigma-E comes as a complete kit, containing a professional PCB (Printed Circuit Board), all components, a circuit diagram and a 60+ page manual with instruction and full historical backgrounds.

In addition, five original - never before published - German messages from WWII are included, complete with historical backgrounds.

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During WWII the German army used Enigma coding machines to encipher most of their radio messages. At the time, the Germans were convinced that this machine was unbreakable, but recent history has proven them wrong. For most of the war, the Poles, and later the British and Americans managed to decipher the German messages, which is now believed to have shortened the war by some 2 years.

Not many Enigma machines have survived the war, but the ones that did, can be seen in various museums around the world. One such museum is Bletchley Park in the UK, the place where a huge number of Enigma messages were broken during the war. This museum tells the full story and has different Enigma models on display.

Once you've seen a real Enigma machine, you're likely to have fallen in love with it, making you want to have one. But, given the low number of machines available today, and their high price, that won't be an option for most of us. Hence the reason to create an electronic variant of the Enigma machine, using modern electronic components. This site is about such an electronic variant: the Enigma-E.
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Add-on kits
  • UhrBox-E
    Electronic equivalent of the famous Enigma Uhr introduced by the German Luftwaffe in 1944 in an attempt to make the Enigma more secure. Connects directly to the Enigma-E.

  • Wooden box for Enigma-E
    We now have a suitable case for your Enigma-E, made from genuine oak wood. It closely resembles the case of a real Enigma machine, albeit scaled to fit the electronic Enigma-E.

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